Product Manager Thrive Circle

Product Manager Thrive Circle

1-3 years of experience as Product Manager? You are looking for a circle of PMs to share and grow with on topics of

* PM Role

* Cooperation with Designers

* Cooperation with Developers

* Systems

* Managing Up

* Time Management

* Any PM problem you are facing (tbd)

The goal is to become a better PM through shared experiences and knowledge.


The Thrive Circle is a guided 40 minute discussion circle based on the XCHANGE approach with 4-6 PMs via Zoom. 

Expectation: be present during the whole session, be active, be engaged, camera on, be respectful, be you

The approach is also working for introverts as long as you are willing to show up.

(As you might have NDAs from your company, share based on your own judgement.)

Note: there is a mention of "drop-in session mastermind" in the description, this refers to the fact that you do not need to attend each weeks session, but the intention is not that you can drop in and out during one session.


My name is Johanna and I am a Product Manager and a Career Transformation Coach for people in tech.

I remember how I was missing learning, sharing and discussing with people in the same situation as me and I believe with the Xchange Approach and my coaching skills that I can provide a great experience for newer PMs to have a platform to grow.


This is a beta program to test out the demand, concept and get feedback. The price is set to assure some commitment but also you are getting the full value of each session with the proven approach.

If not enough people sign up to have 1 session, the money will be refunded by end of October 2021. No refund after the 1st session offered.

The price allows you to attend 3 sessions, to be used within 2 months.

The plan is to have 2 sessions per week planned at different times to adjust to people from different time zones (same topic per week). You can pick any session (also you do not need to attend every week (but recommended). We keep the group small to assure time for everyone to be involved.

The 3 sessions can be used for any session happening in Oct - Nov 2021. (More information after sign up)

Beta "users" might get other benefits in the future if it continues.

For joining the Beta, please fill in this form first to see if you are fit: 


The idea is to have 5 sessions total to validate the concept.

If the demand and effectiveness is there, I will launch it officially and the price will go up to 20 USD per session. Beta users can keep using their sessions till end of November.

For any questions contact me via 

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